My Favorite Looks from Emily in Paris

Ciao Bella’s! I know I haven’t posted in a while but school has been crazy. I’ve found some great fashion since moving to Miami so get ready for a style haul soon! I recently finished watching Emily in Paris on Netflix and I loved it. It’s about a young girl from Chicago who lands her dream job at a marketing firm in Paris, yet her colleagues are not ready to accept her American ways. There is also lots of drama when it comes to relationships.

I recently read and article in Vogue that reviewed Emily’s fashion as inaccurate for the modern woman in 2020. With no jeans, blazers or oversized T-shirts. I mean I don’t know how many women wear stilettos to work while walking on cobblestone streets but I love her fashion. Yes it may not be very accurate to how Parisians really dress but if I lived in Paris (hopefully someday) I would have a style like Emily’s. It’s very chic , Parisian (or how Americans think Parisians dress) and unique. Which is what I love about her style. It’s different from the way most women are depicted in shows today which can get basic and boring (no shade.) The point is Emily is not like every other modern women going to work, she is different and has unique ideas and that is depicted in her style. Maybe I just love it because it reminds me of how I like to dress and I totally want to steal her clothes. In honor of Emily in Paris, and in the hopes that we can travel again soon, I am posting my favorite looks from the show.

Ok who looks this good when they get off a plane? Me hopefully? J.K. But this is goals!

All in pink. Need I say more?

We all need a best friend like Mindy in our lives. Emily’s yellow dress is one of my favorite looks! Not so sure about Mindys daisy duke looking outfit but I love the 90s inspired jeans ensemble. She also has one of the best lines in the show. “It’s a breakfast wine.” Constant mood.

This look for the ballet is very modern day Audrey Hepburn meets ballerina.

Who looks this chic while working out. Again me hopefully?

Also who goes to a farmers market like this? I mean I would if I was taking cute pics. This look reminds me of a chic 21st century Selena.

I just love this look, enough said.

What better way to hide a hicky from the previous night than with a chic 18th century style blouse and plaid jacket.

Is it possible to look this cute while causally lounging by a pool?

I am living for these party looks!

If you haven’t decided to watch the show based ok the fashion here is a picture of Lucas bravo if your into guys to convince you!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these looks. If you are into fashion or Paris or both like me you should watch this show. Maybe you can take some inspiration from Emily’s style! What do you think of these looks? If you watch the show, let me know what you think in the comments! I already can’t wait for season two!



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