My Favorite Looks from Emily in Paris

Ciao Bella’s! I know I haven’t posted in a while but school has been crazy. I’ve found some great fashion since moving to Miami so get ready for a style haul soon! I recently finished watching Emily in Paris on Netflix and I loved it. It’s about a young girl from Chicago who lands her … Continue reading My Favorite Looks from Emily in Paris

My First Time Traveling with EF Ultimate Break

A few posts I go I talked about the places I traveled to with the tour company EF Ultimate Break. Now I want to talk about the company and my overall experience traveling with them. EF Ultimate Break is a tour company for people ages 18-29. They pride themselves on affordability and being the best … Continue reading My First Time Traveling with EF Ultimate Break

Vienna Waits for You

I hope you enjoyed Budapest. The next stop on our tour is Vienna. I really enjoyed Vienna. It's a beautiful city that has a sense of music in the air. Maybe it's because Vienna is the city of classical music. Of course I couldn't do everything in a couple of days. Here are all of the stops we made and my experiences.

Highlights of Budapest

Ciao! Since we can't even leave our homes let alone travel, I am inviting you to take a virtual tour of Eastern Europe with me. At the beginning of the month, (before all of the Corona craziness) I went on a ten day trip to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague with the tour company EF Ultimate Break. Our first stop was Budapest and here are my favorite highlights from the trip.

Scottish Kilts

Season five of the TV show Outlander premiered last weekend. I am a big fan if the show. So much so that when I went to Scotland last summer, I did and Outlander tour (nerdy I know.) But while I was there I was very inspired by the fashions and styles I saw there. After doing a lot of shopping, I put together my own Outlander and Scottish inspired look.