Emily in Paris Inspired Looks

Ciao! Or should I say bonjour! I binged the new season of Emily in Paris in about a day. I love the show, the fashion and pretty much want to live Emily's life. I know the show gets a lot of hate because it's not entirely accurate about what it's like to live in Paris, … Continue reading Emily in Paris Inspired Looks

Flower of Life

Ciao! For one of my fashion classes I had to create an editorial inspired by art. Since I have moved to Miami and taken this Art History class I have gained an appreciation for Frida Khalo. I love her art as well as an artist. Frida was an activist as well as a feminist and often projected her emotions and political l views through her paintings. I created an "editorial" inspired by both her art and her personal style. S

Vienna Waits for You

I hope you enjoyed Budapest. The next stop on our tour is Vienna. I really enjoyed Vienna. It's a beautiful city that has a sense of music in the air. Maybe it's because Vienna is the city of classical music. Of course I couldn't do everything in a couple of days. Here are all of the stops we made and my experiences.

Highlights of Budapest

Ciao! Since we can't even leave our homes let alone travel, I am inviting you to take a virtual tour of Eastern Europe with me. At the beginning of the month, (before all of the Corona craziness) I went on a ten day trip to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague with the tour company EF Ultimate Break. Our first stop was Budapest and here are my favorite highlights from the trip.