Emily in Paris Inspired Looks

Ciao! Or should I say bonjour! I binged the new season of Emily in Paris in about a day. I love the show, the fashion and pretty much want to live Emily's life. I know the show gets a lot of hate because it's not entirely accurate about what it's like to live in Paris, … Continue reading Emily in Paris Inspired Looks

Flower of Life

Ciao! For one of my fashion classes I had to create an editorial inspired by art. Since I have moved to Miami and taken this Art History class I have gained an appreciation for Frida Khalo. I love her art as well as an artist. Frida was an activist as well as a feminist and often projected her emotions and political l views through her paintings. I created an "editorial" inspired by both her art and her personal style. S

Black and White… with Pops of Color

Ciao! While I was in NYC over the Holiday I was able to rummage through my closets and take some photos (even though it was freezing!) Black and white is a classic look. It’s chic and stylish and always works. You can always add a pop of color in an accessory to make it stand out. That is what I decided to do in this post. Below are my updated black and white looks with pops of color.

Latinx and Hispanic Businesses to Support

Hola! It's Latinx heritage month; for some reason, it's from September 15 to October 15. Weird dates aside, I celebrate my Puerto Rican culture all year round, just with a little more emphasis this month. No matter your culture, it's always essential to learn about our culture and history. Even if you are not part of the Latinx community or just love In the Heights, I have put together a list of Latinx-owned businesses to support. Next time you shop for something, maybe think of these brands first!

Asian and Pacific Islander Businesses to Support

A lot of businesses have struggled as a result of the pandemic. But ones owned by Asian Americans, immigrants and Pacific islanders have been specifically hit hard. Especially given the outright racism, discrimination and hate they have been getting lately. Its always important to support diverse businesses, yet given much of the racism, Asian American … Continue reading Asian and Pacific Islander Businesses to Support