Fashion Comes to the Rescue

Many think that the fashion industry is frivolous and unimportant. I will admit it’s not an essential compared to toilet paper and we are not curing cancer or anything. Yet in the wake of this crisis many fashion brands have used their talent and influence to give back and help in anyway they can to fight the coronavirus.

Czech Out Prague

Ciao! I hope you have been enjoying our little virtual tour! The next and final stop is Prague. Prague (in the Czech Republic) is an enchanting city that belongs in a fairytale. Seriously I think Disney may have stolen some ideas from them. Here are my highlights from my time in Prague.

Vienna Waits for You

I hope you enjoyed Budapest. The next stop on our tour is Vienna. I really enjoyed Vienna. It's a beautiful city that has a sense of music in the air. Maybe it's because Vienna is the city of classical music. Of course I couldn't do everything in a couple of days. Here are all of the stops we made and my experiences.