Highlights of Budapest

Ciao! Since we can't even leave our homes let alone travel, I am inviting you to take a virtual tour of Eastern Europe with me. At the beginning of the month, (before all of the Corona craziness) I went on a ten day trip to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague with the tour company EF Ultimate Break. Our first stop was Budapest and here are my favorite highlights from the trip.

The Chronicles of Quarantine

Ciao! This have been very difficult times. For everyone. I just went on a fabulous vacation, I got out of Europe just in time, made sure I didn't have Coronavirus and came back to chaos. Most people can't work, half the country is shut down and toilet paper and hand sanitizer are black market items. In light of everything I will be taking a break from blogging for now while the country deals with the crisis and to plan some new content to share. Before do this I wanted to share my Quarantine survival kit and my tips to beat restlessness and not drive yourself crazy while you are stuck at home.