Miami Fashion Haul

Ciao! I recently moved to Miami and I ha ve to say I’m loving it so far. As I’m spending the holidays with my family in New York I am missing the warm weather and being able to wear shorts and go to the beach. I love the design district and had the chance to do some shopping in some local stores. I always love discovering new styles so I thought I would share a little haul here in Chronicles of Cristina.

I want to start with this maxi dress because it’s one of my favorite finds. I found it at a store called Vicky Victoria. Its right by my house so I think it might be my new store! This dress reminds me of a modern day Belle but the slit makes it a little sexy.

I bought these shorts at a store called Steps New York. Maybe because I was missing New York a little bit. The print is very Versace and these shorts look luxury but were actually pretty affordable. When worn with the right pieces like a blouse and heels, they become quite chic.

One trend I’ve noticed in Miami stores is the embellished t-shirt. They are fashionable updates on the classic Tshirt.

This black one is super chic and can be dressed down with jeans for dressed up like I did here with wide leg pants and my Louboutin shoes. This is the type of fashion executive type outfit I would wear to work. I am not there yet but I will be soon.

This last look is my updated t-shirt and jeans. I added sparkly jeans to this embossed tee and espadrilles to add a little Spanish style that is present in Miami. This is the type of outfit I would wear going to class. The t-shirt is a perfect reminder of how powerful us girlsare!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some things I bought in Miami. I would love positive feedback on what you thought of these styles. Maybe I will do a Miami trend report or Spanish inspired post next! I would love to hear thoughts!



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