Spring/Summer Dress Target Haul

Target is one of the few stores open right now where you can buy anything let alone clothes. After going shopping with my mom (mainly to get out of the house) I found some super cute spring/summer dresses. I decided to put together a little haul of dresses you can buy at Target right now.

My First Time Traveling with EF Ultimate Break

A few posts I go I talked about the places I traveled to with the tour company EF Ultimate Break. Now I want to talk about the company and my overall experience traveling with them. EF Ultimate Break is a tour company for people ages 18-29. They pride themselves on affordability and being the best … Continue reading My First Time Traveling with EF Ultimate Break

Mother’s Day Online Gift Guide

Ciao! Unfortunately we are still stuck in quarantine. I hope everyone is still safe and healthy. Motherโ€™s Day is Collins up and you may be worrying about how to buy your gifts when all of the stores are closed. Thankfully, I have compiled a little gift guide for last minute Motherโ€™s Day gifts online for your mom, grandma, aunt, godmother, fairy godmother moms, or any mom figure in your life.