Island Girl

For the past couple of weeks I have been volunteering in Puerto Rico. So far it has been an amazing experience. I’ve gotten to absorb local culture, become more in touch with my heritage, and help a lot of people. I will write a more detailed post about my volunteer experience a little later. Any time I travel anywhere I always go shopping to see what kind of local styles and trends I can find.

In Puerto Rico it’s always summertime, which means light and flowy fabrics. I found this peasant top while shopping in Old San Juan. It is made in the style of tops that peasant women wore and current cultural dancers continue to wear today. I paired it with a pair of my own jeans and wedge sandals to modernize this classic Puerto Rican look. All I need is a flower in my hair and I am an island girl!

A girl I met at my hostel found this great house and the people that lived there were so nice to let us take pictures in front of it. How great is that? I love the bright colors of this house and the way they make my outfit pop. The bright colored buildings is one of the things I love about Puerto Rico.

I know it’s getting colder in New York, and definitely not peasant top weather. But it’s warm and sunny here in Puerto Rico and maybe this will give you readers some inspiration for spring/summer or for your next vacation. Definetly consider Puerto Rico. The economy needs the boost! Stay tuned for a fully detailed post about my volunteer experience!



Outfit Credits: Top: Puerto Rico, Jeans: Macys, Shoes: Massimo, Purse: Urban Outfitters, Earrings: FIT Style Shop

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