Rosé Mansion

Last week, for my mom’s birthday I took her to visit the Rosé Mansion in NYC. According to their website, the Rosé Mansion is a wine bar, museum of science for wine and amusement park. Yet is is so much more. It is an interactive experience that takes you from room to room tasting and learning about wines while enjoying the beautifully decorated themes (done by different independent artists) , all while snapping photos along the way. To say that there are multiple instagram worthy shots in the mansion is an understatement. The entire mansion is instagram and blogger heaven with tons of photo opportunities in each room. Each room has its own unique theme from a floral room, a 1960s psychedelic themed room, and egyptian room and even a birthday themed room where you can pop out of a birthday cake throwing confetti in the air (needless to say many boomerangs were taken throughout this experience.)

Each themed room is also paired with its own Rosé wine to taste in the Rosé Mansion souvenir glass. The experience also included an adult sized ball pit and set of swings (although I would recommend caution after having multiple glasses of Rosé.) The experience also taught me a lot about wine and Rosé. I learned about its history and how sweet I like my wines based on an interactive game.

The only downsides are that it is very popular and therefore very crowded. They also mention that the staff is “busy” and won’t take pictures for your. Yet, there are always nice people visiting the mansion who understand the importance of an instagram worthy photo and will help you out. Another downside is the expenses. If you drop of break your glass, you are expected to pay for another one, and the drinks at the end and the tacos at the end are also not included.

Speaking of which, after going through the entire experience, we enjoyed tacos and a rice bowl at Taco Dumbo and a rainbow unicorn frozen Rosé that came with it’s own pool drink float! You can also book a private cabana or host an event for multiple people. They also hold events each month such as holiday parties, movie nights, fortune telling, and Rosé yoga on Sundays (Rosé and yoga sounds like a great combo.) I hope to definitely take part in one of these events in the future. Maybe even have my birthday there? At the end we exited through the gift shop where there were many Rosé themed gifts and wines for purchase where they gifted us with a free enamel pin. The Rosé mansion was an incredibly fun interactive experience that I would recommend to any wine lover visiting New York. It seemed like the Rosé mansion was made for me. The only question I have is how soon can I move in?



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