Photos from Miami’s Bans off Our Bodies Rally

A month ago, on May 2nd, the Supreme Court of the United States (further referred to as SCOTUS) leaked a draft opinion on the status of the crucial abortion case of Roe Vs. Wade. For a bit of background Roe Vs. Wade was the landmark case that made abortion legal in the United States. Recently, however, many states like Texas ad Missouri have passed extreme abortion bans. These bans directly challenge Roe vs. Wade. The leaked Supreme Court opinion stated that in a 5 to 4 decision (5 for overturning 4 against) that if brought to court, the judges would move to overturn Roe vs. Wade, once again criminalizing abortion.

It will be apparent that the decision has not been finalized, so abortion is still legal in all 50 states. In response to this opinion, rallies were held on May 14th across the country to protest this unjust decision n. Here are some photos of my favorite signs, speakers, and moments from the rally.

I want to take a moment to talk about how unconstitutional these abortion bans are. First, they go directly against the Roe vs. Wade decision. This decision would also affect low-income neighborhoods and minority communities; It is hypocritical. These politicians do not care about the lives of children or women.

In March, Missouri banned abortions for ectopic pregnancies. . At first, I didn’t know what an ectopic pregnancy was, and judging by this legislation, neither do these lawmakers s. It is not that difficult to educate one’s self. To put it simply, an ectopic pregnancy occurs when the egg fertilizers outside the womb and the fetus begins to develop inside the uterus. This can cause many health complications for the mother and is a death sentence. The fetus will not grow, so whose life is this law actually saving? This is a classic case where abortion is necessary to save a life.

Anti-choicers don’t care about children’s lives; they want to control women and push their religious agenda. After multiple mass shootings, especially the most recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, what is Texas doing to save children’s lives? They are banning them from attending drag performances or pride events. Many states are drafting their own versions of a “Don’t Say, Gay Bill,” limiting Trans rights and looking to ban birth control usage. How about we ban the things costing children their lives, like guns? Before I get off track, all these examples reiterate that these lawmakers don’t care about saving children; they just want to control women and make The Handmaid’s Tale a reality.

So what can you do? As minimal as it sounds, voting out these politicians is essential to register to vote because the more people vote, the less likely these positions are to get reelected. Attend rallies or volunteer with local organizations in your area Planned Parenthood is the main one, but I will be posting a link to pro-choice resources. Also, know that abortion is still legal in the United States. If you have a scheduled abortion, keep your appointment with Planned Parenthood and continue to fill your birth control subscription. I hope these photos have inspired some of you to defend Roe v Wade!


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