A Modern Cruella

Original. Criminal. Dressed to Kill. Call me Cruella De ville.

Ciao! Disney’s new Cruella movie is out, and I loved it, especially the punk, 1970s British fashion! Cruella is one of my favorite Disney villains and a fashion icon. I think a lot f us can relate to Cruella when she says ” from a younger age, I realized I saw the world differently from everyone else.” But if she has taught us anything it’s dare to be different. “Being normal is vastly overrated.” Oh, wait wrong movie! “I like to say that ‘normal’ is the cruelest insult of them all, and at least I never get that.” There we go. I did a Cruella look in my modern-day Disney villains post, which you can check out here. In honor of the movie, I put together Cruella-inspired looks using Hot Topic and Her Universe’s collections.

*Disclaimer the cigarette is fake

This is one of my favorite looks. The dress is inspired by Cruella’s gala gown. Unfortunately, we can’t all have a cool fire outfit transition. I also absolutely love this leather jacket. And who says you can’t wear leather with a gown? If anyone doesn’t play by fashion rules, it’s Cruella. I added this purse I actually got from Disney to complete the look.

Outfit Credits: Dress: Her Universe Jacket: Hot Topic Purse: Disney Shoes: DSW Gloves and fake cigarette holder: Unique Vintage

I paired his super cool shirt with plaid pants from Dollskill and combat boots to add to the punk style.

Outfit Credits: Tshirt: Hot Topic Pants: Dollskill Boots: DSW

I also tried this t-shirt with my plaid kilt. I feel like kilts were a staple in the London punk fashion movement. You may have seen this kilt in my Scottish-inspired fashion post. That look was very pastel, light, and preppy. But changing around a few pieces can actually change a style. I also added this sweatshirt (not very conducive to Miami weather), but I love the sweatshirt and skirt look. Wearing a sweatshirt and skirt is an elevated casual look and a way to stay warm if you need to while remaining stylish.

Outfit Credits: Top and Sweatshirt: Hot Topic Skirt: Scotland Shoes: DSW

This is the most casual outfit. I rarely wear sweatpants, but when I do, of course, I will wear stylish ones. But this is a very comfy yet fashionable outfit. I have also worn this tank with jeans and a skirt. A lot of these pieces are actually interchangeable.

Outfit Credits: Top and Pants: Hot Topic Shoes: DSW Scrunchies: Shop Disney

I also wanted to add to the punk vibe, so I took pictures in Wynwood, Miami’s art district, where all of the walls have graffiti done by local artists. If you want to see how I created this makeup and hair look or some Cruella videos, visit my Tik Tok @cristinavig.

“Don’t worry, we’re just getting started. There are lots more bad things coming, I promise.”



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